Woodhall Bridge is a five span wrought iron truss. The bridge, originally constructed as a railway bridge, carries a bridleway over the River Wharfe and is situated 2 miles south of Sicklinghall at OS Grid Reference 436487, 446069.

The bridge was constructed in 1868 by Joseph Whitham and Son of Leeds. There are three spans of 15.470m to the north and two spans of 12.190m to the south. The two smaller spans are over riverbanks and the two piers supporting these are masonry. The three longer spans cross the River Wharfe and their two intermediate piers comprise pairs of cast iron circular columns with cast iron cross beams. The abutments comprise masonry stonework. The main trusses are 3.05m apart. The deck comprises timber planks and kerbs spanning between iron transoms. There are rakers supporting the top flanges of the trusses throughout their lengths.

It was closed to the public due to the most northerly intermediate pier sustaining damage during March 2013 as a result of large debris within the watercourse colliding with the pier resulting in the pier totating/sliding.

PBS Construction has carried out the repair works (below – it was proposed that new structural steelwork elements (for repairs to existing steelwork) would be Grade 275 and with full protective paint system) and the bridge is once again open to the public.

 The repair works included:

·         Construct a temporary access road from the highway to bridge on the north (NYCC) side of the bridge.

·         Place a temporary 1 tonne sand bag dam around the North intermediate pier and place temporary supports at 1/3 span to support spans 4 and 5.

·         Excavate the river bed to 500mm into the Siltstone and place 4 sets of pre-cast concrete manhole rings filled with C32/40 micro-silica concrete to form the foundations for the jacking/support frame.

·         Remove the timber decking over the damaged pier area.

·         Erect the jacking/support frame around the damaged pier and to support the cross member. Jack up temporarily support spans 4 and 5.

·         Remove the stone foundation pads from the damaged intermediate pier.

·         Jack up the intermediate support and spans 4 and 5.

·         Excavate the area between the manhole rings to 500mm into the Siltstone and concrete with C32/40 micro-silica concrete to 25mm below the pier base plates casting the pier holding down bolts.

·         Grout the pier base plate.

·         Repair the damaged members of lattice trusses, any associated steelwork and reinstate the timber deck with GRP non-slip panels attached.

·         Remove the jacking/support frames and the temporary 1 tonne sandbag dam.

·         Remove the temporary access road and reinstate the land.

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