Tickton Flyover – VRS Replacement Works

We have recently been working on the Flyover carrying the A164 over the River Hull at Hull Bridge, Tickton, replacing the existing north and south parapets to enhance vehicle and pedestrian safety. Working on behalf of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, this is currently one of three live contracts for the local authority while we continue working on the £5m Bridlington Integrated Transport Plan and works are also imminent on a major flood defence scheme in Paull which looks to be complete by the end of the year.

Today we received the following email from a local person who uses the flyover as an essential part of his daily transportation:

“Imagine my disappointment on hearing the news that works were to begin on Hull Bridge at Tickton which I have to drive over several times each day. My business is in Beverley and I live in Hornsea. I also have to drop my kids at school in Tickton and pick them up again each day. My initial response was one of despair that hours would be wasted every day and every journey would be a nightmare. As it turned out, nothing could be further from the truth!

I have yet to drive through the area your team are working on and see anything other than a well organised and obviously well motivated workforce. Every person on that project seems to be always busy and working towards the end goal. The area is kept clean and disruption kept to an absolute minimum. Perhaps other contractors could take a leaf from your book.

Well done to all concerned.

Regards, Peter Thomson.”

Due to the nature of the industry some form of disruption may always be present, though as a company we go the extra mile to reduce these disturbances as much as possible so it is always rewarding to hear positive feedback.

The project began in early March for which we anticipate completion by 17th May, several weeks ahead of the original programme.

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