Installation of new drainage alongside associated kerbing works and carriageway surafcing.




The works (located in the parishes of Anlaby and Kirk Ella which form part of the western suburbs of Hull) constituted the first phase of the Anlaby & East Ella Flood Alleviation Scheme (AEEFAS) and comprised the following:

  1. Site A – South Ella Drive
  2. Site B – Woodland Drive
  3. Site C – Tranby Lane

The AEEFAS scheme was designed to provide flood protection to approximately 3,500 properties in the area during extreme rainfall events. The existing culverts on the Western Drain watercourse didn’t provide sufficient capacity during such events, thus restricting flow. The replacement of the culverts was designed to address this issue. Further phases of the scheme involved construction of measures to divert flow out of Western Drain. The culvert at New Marr Bridge carries this diverted flow under Beverley Road.


The project consisted of the refurbishment of a 70 metre long section of the 1963 coastal defence using a similar construction methodology as that of the existing defences constructed between 2000, 2003 and 2011. Following demolition of the existing gabion defence, new “A” frames were erected at 1.80 metre centres comprising rectangular reinforced concrete members tied together with hardwood sections.

Double layered galvanised steel mesh was fixed between the concrete members and rock armour placed behind the mesh.

The demolition arising’s were used as fill material behind and below the new works and the leading edge of the sand dunes were re-profiled and a granite rock armour capping was installed along the length of the wall.

The works were carried out between high tides which were also affected by high winds and atmospheric pressures to increase the predicted heights.

The Fitties beach is a popular amenity beach, green space and within the Humber Estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The construction of a new slipway to allow boats to access the beach from the promenade level, works included rock armour, steel sheet piling, concrete works and flood gate. All works were completed in an exposed location subject to tidal water.

The works consisted of the following:

The working area had the following constraints which were successfully managed during the contract:

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