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Vane Street Carriageway Reconstruction

  • Client: Hull City Council
  • Location: Vane Street, Hull
  • Value: £135,000
  • Period: July 2022 – August 2022


Full reconstruction of the carriageway including new channels being installed and some minor footpath works.


Full Reconstruction of Carriageway

The majority of works carried out on Vane Street was a full reconstruction. We excavated roughly 800m2 of carriageway by 530mm below the existing sub-base. The new layer was then built up of 350mm type one stone laid in 100mm layer compacted at each layer, 90mm base AC-32 dense binder, 50mm binder course AC-20 dense bin and 40mm surface course.

Planing and Resurfacing of Carriageway

Roughly 120m2 of carriageway was planed to a depth of 90mm and we installed 50mm binder course AC-20 dense bin and 40mm surface course. Roughly 200m2 we planed to a depth of 40mm and installed 40mm surface course.

We installed new channels down either side of the carriageway (roughly 230m) and replaced any broken kerbs as well as undertaking minor concrete repairs in the vehicle access to the companies down Vane Street.

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