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Urban Resurfacing Project

  • Client: East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • Locations: Willerby (Kingston Road), Anlaby (Beverley Road), Pocklington (Sherbuttgate Road North, Northfield Road, Northfield Close, Northfield Rise), Flamborough (Constable Road, Constable Way, Constable Close, Stottlebink, Stylefield Road), Bridlington (Hermitage Road)
  • Value: £2.2m
  • Period: August 2022 – March 2023


Carriageway and footway maintenance schemes around the East Riding.


Works began in Hermitage Road, Bridlington while also working in Flamborough down various linking streets, with completion of each site following the previous and working under a full road closure.

The Pocklington sites then commenced upon completion of Flamborough, in addition to Kingston Road, Willerby, the largest scheme of the package. Beverley Road, Anlaby, was completed last, where works comprised a variety of carriageway patching only and a section of full resurfacing, including a mini-roundabout.

Each site included a similar nature of works such as carriageway resurfacing to the full extent of streets, including ironwork adjustments/replacements, renewal of kerbing and channels. New road markings were installed to the new carriageway surface. A number of sites comprised full footpath driveway reconstructions, while a number only included footpath patches were identified as failing. Some sites also comprised renewal of the full kerb lines, whereas a couple of sites only identified minor kerbing replacements.

South Sea Road and Stottlebink in Flamborough comprised use of a ‘foam’ mix binder course in the carriageway, a highly recycled content asphalt providing a low manufacturing process carbon footprint.

Kingston Road was carried out under phased lane closures during the day time to carry out necessary civils such as kerbing and ironwork replacements. The carriageway was then planed and resurfaced under closures to various depths at night depending on the condition of existing surface. A number of deep excavation repairs were also required where significant failures in the existing surface were identified. New buff anti-skid was applied, including green anti-skid, to form cycle lanes.

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