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Tanton Bridge Widening Scheme

  • Client: North Yorkshire County Council
  • Location: Tanton Bridge; located on the B1365 road, Tanton
  • Value: £550,000
  • Period: January 2020 – July 2020


Tanton Bridge widening works required the existing downstream elevation (parapets, spandrels, wingwalls, copings, pilasters) of the bridge to be dismantled and the arch barrel extended by approximately 5.8m. The elevation was then rebuilt on the new line. River re-alignment was also needed.

The works included TM works, temp/scaffold works, arch support, sheet piles, new RC foundations, dismantle/rebuilding downstream walls, remove/install new road resurfacing, new drainage gulley, new kerb line, new verge line, concrete mass infills and footstep construction.

PBS was responsible for the execution of the works detailed in the contract drawings and documents. This included the design of all temporary works, scaffolding, temporary arch supports and permanent sheet piling. PBS implemented a full road closure with the use of our specialist subcontractor Oneway TM. Traffic Management was in accordance with Chapter 8 Highway Specifications.


  • New foundations constructed
  • Scaffolding installation upstream and downstream
  • Traffic Management to include closure and diversion
  • Earthworks
  • Sheet Piling
  • Surfacing
  • Vegetation Works
  • Drainage and Duct Works
  • Barrel, abutment & parapet stonework
  • Insitu concrete work to bridge structure

Specific Health and Safety documentation was developed for this scheme including Lift Plans, Spill Response Procedures for working near water and dynamic Method Statements for the rebuilding of the stone bridge.

Early procurement of materials allowed the scheme to be completed on programme during the first national lockdown in 2020.

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