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Oak Road Playing Fields Paddling Pool Refurbishment

  • Client: Hull City Council
  • Location: Oak Road Playing Fields, Beresford Avenue, Hull
  • Value: £47,000
  • Period: July 2022 – August 2022


Having been closed for several years, the paddling pool at Oak Road Playing Fields was in need of repair and redecoration. The project consisted of the removal of the existing coating to the pool, carrying out concrete repairs and reinstating a new anti-slip resin coating. The pool covers an area of 337 m2.


  • Removal of all existing coating systems to pool and upstand by use of dustless blasting
  • Pool area and upstand jet washed and cleaned down to ensure removal of any dust or laitance after blasting process.
  • Ensure all existing coating system was removed
  • Concrete repairs carried out to pool floor area and upstand wall
  • Once concrete repairs completed, priming of full concrete area
  • On completion and curing of primer, colourcoat applied to pool floor area and upstand
  • Reinstatement of all sealant works in the pool base and upstand
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