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Long Bennington North Flood Alleviation Scheme

  • Client: Lincolnshire County Council
  • Location: Long Bennington Village, Newark
  • Value: £730,000
  • Period: May 2023 – November 2023


Long Bennington village has suffered from a number of surface water flooding issues with significant occurrences in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2019. The existing drainage system has been identified as not fit for purpose. The scheme collects overland flow to a point on the Main Road outside the Royal Oak Pub, where it is diverted along a route through a proposed development site and grassland to outflow into the River Waltham.


Works commenced at the River Waltham installing a new pre-cast concrete headwall. New 600mm diameter twinwall pipe was then installed to a 250m length through the existing field with a number of new manholes installed throughout the run. The new drain then passed through the side of the Royal Oak pub, through the car park and into the verge where further manholes were installed.

The new 600mm pipework then headed a further 200m south with further new manholes installed along the route. All of the existing kerbing to this section was renewed, where the existing kerbs were removed with the new drainage trench. The new drainage run then crossed the main road to the existing ditch at Vicarage Lane, at which a concrete bagged headwall was installed to accommodate the new pipe.

Main Road of Long Bennington was the original A1 route and the scheme faced a number of challenges around the large thickness of existing tarmac and concrete, in addition to many services within the scheme extent.

Over 60no new gullies were installed across both the southern section and northern section of the village, which were piped into both the new 600mm carrier drain and existing system where retained.

All works completed on Main Road were carried out under temporary traffic lights which were occasionally moved and switched to suit the working area.

Footpath, kerbing and drainage improvements were carried out at The Paddocks, which saw resurfacing of a 50m stretch of footpath and carriageway resurfacing of car parking bay area.

The Royal Oak Pub car park was also fully tarmac re-surfaced and re-lined, in addition to resurfacing a number of large driveways where new drainage trenches were installed across.

Works were also completed to Welbournes Lane to replace a 50m length of existing, damaged drainage which was not functioning properly. These works were completed under localised traffic management while the narrow carriageway remained open.

Vicarage Lane also saw improvements through the installation of 4no new gullies towards to the junction of Main Road. New pipe was installed across the road to 4no new small headwall units to outfall to the ditch which was cleared as part of the scheme. The carriageway gully and pipework installations were completed under a full road closure.

Various fencing and gate installation works were carried out across the scheme to provide improved security for the field behind the Royal Oak Pub. Landscaping works were also completed comprising grass seeding of all disturbed verges, in addition to planting of new hedges and trees.

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