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Kirkby Malham Bridge Widening

  • Client: North Yorkshire County Council
  • Location: Kirkby Malham, North Yorkshire
  • Value: £229,500.00
  • Period: November 2018 – February 2019

Kirkby Malham Bridge is a single arch masonry Grade 2 listed bridge (which spans Kirkby Beck) that required widening for safety reasons. There were no existing footpaths on the bridge but the widening allowed for footpaths to be incorporated. The bridge is at the bottom of an incline, just adjacent to the main crossroads in the centre of the village, and there had been accidents in the past due to the narrowness of the bridge and poor sight lines at the junction. The bridge parapets had also been impacted and damaged by errant vehicles.


  • Installation of a temporary bridge supplied by North Yorkshire County Council
  • North Yorkshire County Council provided the arch and abutment stones which were installed by our masonry sub-contractors, Pinnacle Stonemasonry
  • The works were carried out during the winter so a temporary tent arrangement was made to protect the works. No masonry work was carried out in low temperatures
  • The works were carried out under a 2-way traffic management system during the contract period


The works were carried out in phases as required by North Yorkshire County Council.

Phase 1

Installation of the scaffolding/temporary support works

Install temporary bridge across the existing bridge

Install sheet piles and excavate to extend abutments

Phase 2

Remove existing road surface

Remove existing curb line/verge line

Remove existing drain outlet

Excavate existing earth works

Phase 3

Dismantle existing bridge section, including abutments

Dismantle existing parapet

Dismantle existing side wall parapets

Phase 4

Excavate working areas

Excavate ground for foundations

Install formwork for foundations

Case concrete foundations

Phase 5

Construct new abutment stone work

Construct new bridge arch stone work

Cast concrete mass infill

Construct new bridge parapet

Construct new stone work parapet and side walls

Cast concrete mass infill sections/install dowels

Remove scaffold/temporary works

Phase 6

Install new curb line

Install new verge line

Install new drain outlet

Install new 2.No ducts

Install new road surface

Install new road markings

Phase 7

Remove traffic management

Remove temporary bridge

Phase 8

Removal of all site waste, including materials and equipment.

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