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Fell Beck Bridge Strengthening

  • Client: North Yorkshire County Council
  • Location: Fell Beck, Harrogate
  • Value: £104,000
  • Period: September 2022 – November 2022


Deconstruction and reconstruction of existing bridge to repair extensive damage.


  • Existing stone work reclaimed from river bed, cleaned, prepped and reused
  • Scaffolding erected both side of bridge for workability with a purpose built scaffold footway installed for safe passage of pedestrians
  • Existing bridge surface course planed off and removed from site
  • Existing parapet walls (upstream and downstream) fully deconstructed down to springer level, cleaned and stored for reuse
  • Existing sub base material excavated to expose the barrels of the bridge, bridge barrels cleaned off extensively and any gaps repointed
  • Reused existing stonework to rebuild parapet walls following cleaning and preparation works
  • Shuttered and poured C40 concrete over bridge barrels in 500mm layers to create new bridge sub base.
  • Excavated and removed existing material at ends of bridge, this was replaced by a no fines concrete mixture to create new bridge abutments
  • Installed 1 no. road gully and perforated drainage system to allow water to pass through the bridge structure
  • Installed road kerbs with a backfill of ST5 concrete, tarmac to finish and create footway
  • Laid base, binder and new hot rolled asphalt (HRA) with coated chippings to create new carriageway
  • White lining and road studs to complete the project
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