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Ermine Street Carriageway & Drainage Works

  • Client: North Lincolnshire Council
  • Location: Ermine Street, Winteringham
  • Value: £450,000
  • Period: January 2022 – April 2022


  • The main works consisted of the re-surfacing the existing carriageway with an overlay (minimal planing), drainage improvement works and associated signing and lining.
  • Works comprised the installation of 750m of new land drain along with new gully aprons and inspection chambers in the adjacent verges. All works were completed under a full road closure.
  • The entire stretch of carriageway was regulated/raised and resurfaced to accommodate falls required to accommodate the new and improved drainage system. Roughly around 1800 tons of new tarmac was installed.
  • Installation of new signage for safety purposes, along with the installation of new road markings at certain locations.
  • Works also included the installation of pre-filled concrete bagwork to headwalls, following the clearance of each to create an improved drainage flow.
  • All excavated spoil was retained and dispersed back into the site, cultivated and grass seeded.

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