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Connect 2 Southern Extension

  • Client: North Lincolnshire Council
  • Location: Hammerton Road – Burringham Road, Scunthorpe
  • Value: £653,000
  • Period: January 2022 – May 2022


This project consisted of constructing a new shared footpath for cyclists and pedestrians starting at Hammerton Road and ending at Burringham Road. We also constructed new crossing points between the various streets crossed by the shared footpath, along with new carriageway surfacing.


  • Excavated the existing grass land to the correct levels and then supplied, laid and compacted type one stone. Supplied and laid 50mm AC20 Dense Asphalt and 25mm Thick AC6 Dense Asphalt.
  • Supplied and installed timber edgings alongside both edges of the new footpath and around new lighting columns.
  • Cold Milling to existing carriageway down to 40mm and applied tack coat of bituminous spray and 40mm AC10 Close Grade Surfacing.
  • Supplied and installed corduroy and tramline paving in segregated footpath.
  • Supplied and installed ducting to new lighting columns along the new footpath.
  • Installed new line markings and symbols on the new footpath.

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