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Beverley Road Townscape Heritage Scheme Boundary Treatments

  • Client: Hull City Council
  • Location: Beverley Road, Hull
  • Value: £272,000
  • Period: October 2020 – July 2021


This project was part of the wider Beverley Road Townscape Heritage Scheme which ran from 2015-2020 and was part-funded by a £1.6m grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The scope of the works was to reinstate boundary treatments to a number of properties/groups of properties on Beverley Road. This was achieved by using a range of high quality materials and specialist workmanship, thus renewing the different areas whilst also maintaining originality. The areas included in the project were:

Kingston Youth Centre

  • The making good of the original stone plinth using some salvaged stones and also some new stones. An in-depth survey of the existing stonework and site was carried out to ensure that the new stones were an accurate match in terms of fit and appearance
  • Installation of new front boundary railings
  • The reinstatement of four stone decorative octagonal gate posts, carved with gothic finials (to match the original design). To fully replicate the original finials, detailed 3D scans were carried out on a few of the remaining old (and damaged) finials which were in very poor condition
  • Reinstatement of two double driveways gates and thresholds.

74-84 Beverley Road

  • Reinstatement of railings mounted on new stone plinths to front boundary, side boundary (between numbers 76-78) and the side of number 84, including backstay supports on plinth returns and single pedestrian gates to properties
  • Reinstatement of double driveway gates and side railing panel (on land adjacent to number 74) and reinstatement of thresholds

85-93 Beverley Road

  • Clearing of the existing boundary treatment, setting aside original stone cappings to make pattern for new ones
  • The recreation of a new dwarf brick wall with stone plinth and railings with brick piers and stone cappings to match the original design
  • The installation of pedestrian gates and reinstatement of thresholds

Stepney Station

  • Removal of the existing timber fence, posts and gates to the south and east elevations
  • Reinstatement of a new timber fence with one double driveway gate and one single pedestrian gate (including thresholds to the southern and eastern boundaries)
  • Removal of steel railings on the station platform and reinstatement of new steel railings
  • Repairs and decorating to existing railings

Land adjacent to 190 Beverley Road

  • The enclosure of this corner open space with 1200mm railings set in a 350mm mowing strip
  • Construction of a hoggin footpath across the site

Beverley Road Baths

  • Reinstatement of the stone plinth and boundary railings to the front elevation and one side
  • Return and reinstatement of stone ball finial decorative detail to three existing stone gate posts to replace lost lantern features
  • Replacement of missing scrollwork railing/balustrading to one side of the southern staircase (to match the original on the other side of the staircase). Reinstatement of handrail
  • Decorating of existing railings
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