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Area 1 2022 – 2023 Tender Package 4

  • Client: North Yorkshire County Council
  • Locations: West Scrafton, Grinton, Richmond & Scotton
  • Value: £355,000
  • Period: October 2022 – May 2023

Browna Gill – October 2022 (4 weeks)

West Scrafton – October 2022/November 20022 (6 weeks)

Cravengate – March 2023/April 2023 (5 weeks)

Hunton Road – May 2023 (4 weeks)


This scheme included four individual projects; West Scrafton, Browna Gill, Cravengate and Hunton Road.

West Scrafton

The project at West Scrafton was to dismantle a failed section of culvert and replace with a new reinforced concrete slab. The parapet wall was also taken down and rebuilt with the carriageway being resurfaced on completion of all repairs.

Subcontractors used:

  • Lane Rental
  • Swaledale Stone Masonry

Browna Gill (Grinton)

The culvert and parapets on Browna Gill had collapsed. The repairs involved gathering the stones and rebuilding the parapet walls with concrete aprons following the installation of a new reinforced concrete culvert.

Subcontractors used:

  • Swaledale Stone Masonry

Cravengate (Richmond)

Cravengate was a full carriageway resurfacing job of approximately 2200m2. There were also some drainage work to carry out as well as general vegetation clearance.

Subcontractors used:

  • Lane Rental
  • Trust Seal
  • Metro Rod

Hunton Road (Scotton)

The project at Hunton Road was the installation of a new footpath adjacent to a housing estate.  Scope of the works included cutting back and removing vegetation, excavation of the existing road, installing bullnose and edging kerbs and surfacing to the new footpath.

Subcontractors used:

  • EC Surfacing
  • Greenworx

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